Flea Market – SPGF

We have a number of opportunities to sell your goods at the South Pacificon Game Fest. The Flea Market will run on Friday night at 8pm – Midnight with setup beginning at 7pm. We are also offering Flea Market Tables by the hour using the schedule below. The Flea Markets are where our attendees can sell old gaming products to their fellow hobbyists. We do have a few rules that govern the Flea Market.

3/10 Update:

Flea Market Times:
Friday at 8pm

  • To sell at any Flea Market, you must be a holder of a valid 2022 South Pacificon Weekend Pass, this includes the adult holder of the Family Pass, and VIP Pass members, Staff, Volunteer and Gamemaster passes.
  • You need to be 18 or older to sell. Any valid South Pacificon 2022 pass holder may buy at the Flea Market.
  • Setup begins one hour before each flea market’s start time. You must cease selling and begin packing out three hours after the announced start time. You must clear the hall 60 minutes later as we may have other events schedule for that space.
  • All helpers must leave the hall prior to the opening of the Flea Market. (Helpers must be badged participants.)
  • Absolutely no buying and/or selling may occur during the setup of the Flea Market. You will be kicked out of all Flea Markets without refund for violating this rule. 
  • Any Pacificon Forever attendees (Lifetime pass holders) are allowed into the hall 15 minutes prior to start time.
  • The cost to sell at the Flea Market is $20 per table. Please purchase your permit online before the show to secure your spot, though they will also be available at convention registration while supplies last.
  • Decisions of the Convention Staff are final.