Peter Adkison – Guest of Honor

Peter Adkison

Peter Adkison has worked as a serial entrepreneur in the tabletop games industry since 1990.  His first business was Wizards of the Coast, which he founded in 1990.  During his 11-year tenure as CEO, Wizards published Magic: The Gathering, acquired and relaunched Dungeons & Dragons, and brought the Pokémon trading cards out of Japan to the rest of the world.

After leaving Wizards he acquired the Gen Con tabletop games convention which he still owns (  Under his ownership, Gen Con has grown from 18,000 unique attendees to 68,000.

At age 50, Peter Adkison decided to change careers and follow his dream of becoming a filmmaker.  After a couple of experimental projects, Adkison has decided to focus his efforts on Chaldea, a fantasy web series that combines live action film with comic art (, Actoroke, a fantasy streaming series where he turns RPG’s into movies, and he is currently the executive producer for Gen Con’s Twitch channel, Gen Con TV.

In 2021, Peter was awarded the Trailblazer IndieCade award.

Peter is married to Dee Fenton.